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Photo booths have become extremely popular in recent years. Why? Because they make people smile, laugh and do funny things they would otherwise never do.

It also gives both the host and the guest a memento or party favor that will last for years to come. That’s why it is important to find a company that will give you a quality product and superior service!

Below you will find several tips and questions that should be considered when researching and choosing a photo company. Additionally, you will find a frequently asked questions section. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed below please call or email us. Thank you.

1. What type of Equipment do they use?

The quality of the photos is very important. You want you and your guests to enjoy the photos for years to come.

With less expensive equipment you can get low quality, blurry, over/under exposed, red-eye pictures. Make sure the company you choose uses a DSLR camera with at least a 10 MP and a Dye-sub printer. Together this produces professional lab quality prints.

At M2B Photobooth we use a CANON EOS Rebel T3i 18MP1080p HD video camera with a HiTi P510S high-speed dye sublimation digital photo printer. And have I mentioned our commercial grade touch screen kiosk? Oh ya, we have that too.

All combined, you’re getting $8,000 worth of “my photo booth is going to rock” equipment.

2. What type of Booth are you getting?

Here’s a general rule. The more people that can fit in it, the more fun it is!! Some companies are still using 2 person sit down photo booths. Also, will it look good at your wedding and will it easily set up and break down.

Check the websites for pictures of the booth. Make sure if you have an event on the second floor or higher it will go up and down stairs or fit in an elevator. Our company uses a 5’X5′ booth that can easily be transported and sets up in 25 minutes. It will easily fit 6 to 10 adults and is wheelchair accessible.

3. What is included in the price?

Do you have to pay extra for things such as props, double prints, digital copies, and customized photos? Do the research and you may find that some other companies prices are not as attractive as they may seem.

M2B Photo Booth has some of the most affordable prices and packages in the business. With M2B you do not have to sacrifice quality for a lower price. In fact, it is quite the opposite, you get more services and better quality for a lower price.

4. Is the company a professional organization?

Make sure they operate in a manner that you are comfortable with. You may want to rule out any company that does not respond to your phone calls, emails, and questions within 24hrs.

Do you really want to take a chance with these companies on your big day?

5. Are they Insured?

Some companies cut cost by not buying insurance. You need to protect yourself and your guests with a company that carries at least 1 million in liability. Some venues will not allow companies to perform their service without that protection.

At M2B we carry liability insurance and you are not responsible for any damages caused to equipment that is the result of an accident.

Other Questions and Facts

1. Is it easy to use?

Heck Yea! Your guests simply jump in the booth, push the color or black & white photo button, and pose. The monitor will countdown while allowing a real-time view on a 20″ monitor as 4 pictures are taken 5 seconds apart.

Lab-quality photo’s print on the spot and will be ready by the time guests step out of the booth.

2. How many pictures can we take?

You have an unlimited amount of photo sessions during the time you requested. Each Photo session produces Double prints. Two 2″x6″ photo strips, if you have a photo album one goes in the album and your guest keeps one as a memento.

You also have the option of upgrading to 4″x6″ prints.

3. Can we get more prints or larger prints?

Absolutely! As an upgrade you can get unlimited prints up to the amount of people who are in the photo plus one for the album. Seven people in the photo then you get eight photos. You can also upgrade to 4″x6″ prints.

4. What does the Attendant do?

He or she will be dressed to whatever specifications you request. They will set up, break down, change paper and ink and over all make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have an Album they will make sure copies of the photos make it to the album and have the guests sign next to their photos.

At your request they will also encourage everyone to have a photo or video session.(although that usually is not a problem) And of course they make sure the props don’t end up in the pool.

5. Do I get a copy of the photos?

Yes. At the end of the event we will give you a digital copy of all the images at no extra charge.

6. Are they posted online?

At your request we will provide a link to your images online. A password to access them if you want one.

From the gallery you can order any size print, tee-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains and dozens of other products at very reasonable rates. You can also post them to social media sites (facebook, twitter) at no charge.

7. Do you have videos?

Absolutely. As an upgrade you can have your guests add a short video message as well as have their pictures taken. Now that’s fun.

At the end of the night we will give you a copy of all the video messages made during the night. You’re sure to get more messages than you would if you hired a full time videographer.

8. How far should I book in advance?

I would recommend at least 4-6 months in advance to guarantee a spot. But don’t hesitate to call even if your event is 2 days away. You never know when somebody may cancel and I do have multiple booths. Which, by the way, if you have a very large event you may want multiple booths.

9. What about a deposit and payment?

A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $99 is due upon signing of contract. The remaining amount is due 20 days in advance of Client’s Event. Only 1 Referral  is allowed per event.

We accept Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Checks and you guessed it…Cash!

10. How do your referrals work?

Give us the name of a past client or company that referred you and we will send them a $25 referral check as soon as your $99 deposit is paid. It’s that simple.

I’m sure you have your own questions as well. Please call, email, write or send smoke signals. We are eager to answer any questions you may have.

If there is something you would like at your event that you don’t see here then let us know and maybe we can arrange something. What it comes down to is how can we make your day better? It’s your event and we want to make You as Happy as possible.

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